Recording Studio!

The newest addition to our maker space is a sound-proof recording studio! (we’ve also got some new printers, but they’re not quite ready yet!) The recording studio has a webcam, high quality microphones, a keyboard, and a launchpad. This space is available for recording projects, speeches, music, podcasts, or even you tube videos! The room is walled with sound-proof paneling… Read more →

HAB Project: The Struggle is Real

We successfully launched the HAB payload and balloon in mid January. Everything went off without a hitch and we were able to track our balloon’s altitude, surrounding temperature, and most importantly its GPS location for several hours. We watched on our tracking gear as the balloon ascended to over 80 thousand feet in the air and traveled south-east toward Anatone,… Read more →

Tracker test #2

Well, we DID test it again! Our teacher took the transmitter out to the highest point of Peola Rd, west of Clarkston. Then drove out toward Waha, southeast of Lewiston. After reaching 21.5 miles, he lost line-of-sight as the road wound up the hill toward Waha.  So, in short: An OUTSTANDING success! Consider: a 1/10watt transmitter sending digital signals to… Read more →

HAB Project: Helium Shortage

When launching a balloon itś generally somewhat important to have something to make the balloon go up. In our case, that something is helium. When trying to find helium for our balloon launch, we went through quite the process. After calling multiple local gas companies, we realized that none of them have helium- in fact nobody has helium. There is… Read more →

Bluetooth Robot App

Get the app here!!   Instructions: Download the bt robot app to your phone (Android only… sorry to the Apple fanboys!) To install it, you will need to make sure  your “settings” allow installing apps from “Unknown” sources (but don’t worry, Mr. Finkbeiner wrote the app… it wouldn’t contain anything sketchy, would it? He’ll let you see the source code… Read more →

Photography Class

Professional Photography Class! – Mondays 1:30-2:30. Chasing Sunlight Photography will be teaching a class in the makerspace! If you’re interested in learning professional photography skills, come to the makerspace from 1:30 to 2:30 every monday! You will have the opportunity to learn some really awesome photography techniques, including learning about aperture, ISO, exposure and much more. You will also be… Read more →

3D Printing: How to Print

If you’ve already gone through the “What to Print” tutorial, you’re in the right place. If not, go find that tutorial before you use this one. Now you’re ready to actually print your file. You should be in Simplify 3D, with everything set up. In the lower left corner, click the button that says prepare to print Get the USB… Read more →

3D Printing: What to Print

Before you start working with the printer, you have to have something to print! There are only a few rules about what you can print at school: you can not print weapons, or thing that look like weapons and you can not print things that are ‘gross’. You know what I mean by that, I know you do. As long as you… Read more →