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CAD Car Racing

Mr. Finkbeiner’s class has been working on their cad skills by designing cars for a hallway race. Only the fastest car will prevail. The students have been learning how to use the Computer Aided Design program Solidworks. In this program, they were able to design a car that they felt would be that fastest. After lots of work creating their… Read more →

HAB Project: The Struggle is Real

We successfully launched the HAB payload and balloon in mid January. Everything went off without a hitch and we were able to track our balloon’s altitude, surrounding temperature, and most importantly its GPS location for several hours. We watched on our tracking gear as the balloon ascended to over 80 thousand feet in the air and traveled south-east toward Anatone,… Read more →

HAB Project: Helium Shortage

When launching a balloon itś generally somewhat important to have something to make the balloon go up. In our case, that something is helium. When trying to find helium for our balloon launch, we went through quite the process. After calling multiple local gas companies, we realized that none of them have helium- in fact nobody has helium. There is… Read more →

project daredevil 1-1

Project Daredevil: 1

Prototype 1: test 1 Introducing our current student-driven project: “Project Daredevil” navigation aid for the vision-impaired. It uses a microcontroller and an Ultrasonic sensor to measure distance, then converts it into a PWM signal, writes those pulses to a vibration motor to communicate distance to an obstruction. Which is a fancy way of saying, “it buzzes more when you are… Read more →