Maker Space Balloon Project

The most recent project in the Maker Space has been our balloon project. The project has been a idea of ours for a while and we are pleased to be on track to launch some time soon. Or idea was to send a high altitude balloon to the edge of space where it will burst and release our capsule and equipment back to earth where we will collect it. We have decided to mount two or more cameras inside the capsule so we can get some cool video to show to other people. The balloon uses helium to clime to approximately 100,000 feet where it will drop and let our package fall towards earth and to prevent our capsule in tact we have designed a parachute that will open once there is enough oxygen and let it come to the ground at a survivable speed. Other than our cameras we will also collect data on temperature and altitude. Stay posted for future information.

Image result for high altitude balloon

Image result for high altitude balloon


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