Project Daredevil: 1

Prototype 1: test 1

Introducing our current student-driven project:
“Project Daredevil” navigation aid for the vision-impaired.
It uses a microcontroller and an Ultrasonic sensor to measure distance, then converts it into a PWM signal, writes those pulses to a vibration motor to communicate distance to an obstruction. Which is a fancy way of saying, “it buzzes more when you are close to something.”

For now, it’s housed in a headband, but eventually will be a hat(?) with two sensors. Later, another unit in a “flashlight” form factor will allow detection of lower obstacles.


In the video, you can see the subject move forward, detect an obstacle, and avoid it. The glasses are made opaque with tape.

later in the afternoon, with a more stable headband and sensor mount (also made from tape), a student was able to navigate around the loop of the school without running into walls. A promising start to the project!

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