How to Record a Podcast

So where to start? What’s a podcast? Go listen to 3 different podcasts. 15 min each. Do this handout on “Podcast Observations” Develop an idea & pick a name Host a video meeting with your team and work this out. Solo? Choose someone near you (in household?) and talk this out. Don’t think you can run a project like this… Read more →

3D Printed Face Shields

We are producing theses 3d printed face shields for our community health care workers. Here’s how you can get involved: Need Face Shields? Contact us through the comments section below. Let us know who you are, where you work, and how many you need. If you want to 3d print these shields yourself, here’s a link to the 3d printable… Read more →

3D printing with Simplify3D

Create or download a part. Must be an STL file. Select a printer that has Simplify3d installed in Makerspace: that’s the big-screen computer in Finkbeiner’s room: that’s the two computers next to the printers Open Simplify3d. If it’s your first time, you will need Finkbeiner to enter his login code to unlock. Import a part position/scale the part if needed… Read more →

3D Printing and the Future Recently, I attended an “Additive Manufacturing” conference in Lewiston. It was focused on industrial applications for 3d printing, as applied to manufacturing businesses. One topic was called “What’s Real, What’s Not, What’s Next”. It spoke to much that this article says. I think the prediction that “3d printing will disrupt the 12 trillion manufacturing industry” is a bit overwrought,… Read more →


Remember that lost High Altitude Balloon we lost back in January? We found it! Actually, a community member found it while mowing some weeds. The payload box suffered some landing damage, and the florescent orange parachute had bleached completely white. But the camera SD Cards were intact, and the images were glorious! Yes, the time/date stamp in the video is… Read more →

All About Filament

Most common types of filament: (you can print these on any machine) Filament is usually sold in 1 Kilo spools; and a kilo of filament will print a lot of parts! Most brands are around $20-30 per kilo. I order from Amazon. Hatchbox, Inland, eSun are good value brands. Our school has a very active makerspace serving about 300 students… Read more →

CAD Car Racing

Mr. Finkbeiner’s class has been working on their cad skills by designing cars for a hallway race. Only the fastest car will prevail. The students have been learning how to use the Computer Aided Design program Solidworks. In this program, they were able to design a car that they felt would be that fastest. After lots of work creating their… Read more →